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If I were to use skull bash with a pokemon holding this item, do I still get a defense boost?

Also- I'm surprised this item isn't used much. It has a lot of potential if used properly.

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The reason Power Herb is not often used is because it is a one-off item.

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I have tested this myself just now with my Blastoise, and Skull Bash still gives the defense boost.

First Blastoise lowered its head and the defense is boosted. Then the Power Herb activates and it said something like "Blastoise became fully charged due to the Power Herb!" and then Blastoised attacked, all in one turn.

Oh yeah, for the record, I found the answer shortly after asking it to check Will's answer, but the conversation of us saying it is on a different answer or was hidden.
bash with skulls
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Well,actually,Skull Bash still receives the Defense boost.


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The Defense boost from Skull Bash is only temporary, given after the, " lowered its head!" prompt, and after the, "" used Skull Bash!" prompt.

Because Power Herb would nullify the first turn of charge, there is no trigger to give the boost, so my best guess would be no. :(

EDIT: The Defense boost was only temporary from Gen I to III, then was made permanent in Gen IV. Even still, I don't think this boost would happen.

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