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My team consist of garchomp as my lead then suicune and eletivire what should I replace eletivire with he isn't helping my team at all any suggestion would be greatly thanked please

How about Jolteon? with high speed and special attack it could give an advantage with such a speed stat by using moves that do status like of course thunder wave or you can use Rotom, with so many possibilities, it could become a dual type, electric on the other hand is it's first type the second types along with its forms are grass,ice,fire,flying

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I would say Zapdos would be great in your team. Zapdos has great bulk, high special attack and a decent speed stat. With this moveset it's a great threat:

[email protected] orb
Nature: Calm/Timid/Modest(I personally prefer Calm)
Trait: Pressure /Lightning rod(not released yet)

-Thunderbolt(STAB MOVE and decent power
-Heat Wave (Coverage against Ice, can counter grass, weaken bug,...
-Toxic(To slowly get rid of bulky Pokemon
-Roost(To recover health when toxic stalling a Pokemon

Zapdos is immune to ground, A trait that Electivire misses but weak to ice and rock(It is bulky and would not be as easy to bring down like electivire. I myself used a Zapdos when I was beating the PWT and it really served me well.

Hope it serves you well too and good luck

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Thank u that really does help now I just gotta find a good nature and I'll be good to go
NP, :)