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I need suggestions. Someone said Gyarados and it works fine but is a bit predictable. I can't decide. Thanks in advance.


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Well if you need a bulky water, I would go with Swampert, Suicune or Slowbro. They all have good HP, defense and special defense. Cloyster is good too but is lacking in sp. defense.

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Thanks I will go with swampert and see if it works.;) oh and ha downvoter!
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Depends, if you need a good attacker, go with Pokemon like Keldeo and Gyrados and Blastoise. If you need a good defender, go with a bulky water type. So, basically, it depends on what you need on your team.

what about azumaril?huge power,STAB,splash plate?
I need something more specific for a bulky water type.
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