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Should I exchange giga impact for sleep talk on my snorlax?
He's got:

  • body slam
  • metronome
  • sleep talk
  • rest
    and I also have snorlaxium-Z.
Are you replacing Sleep Talk with Giga Impact, or are you replacing Giga Impact with Sleep Talk?
By the way, crunch is much more useful than metronome.
You could switch body slam with giga impact and metronome with heavy slam

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Keep Sleep Talk. First of all, giga impact takes two turns, and does 150 damage. In two turns, body slam does 190 damage. Sleep talk will also help you move when you're asleep, giving you your two turns of sleep back. [EDIT] Snorlium Z uses Giga Impact, so if you choose to remove it, give it a Normalium Z, if you want to z-move body slam, or sitrus berry, to heal health from belly drum. Hope I helped!

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Looking at the question, Snorlax already has Sleep Talk, so the "yes" in your answer contradicts the points you made. Still a good answer though.
Snorlaxium-Z only works with Giga Impact, though.

Also, although Body Slam is better in the long run, and can inflict Paralysis, Giga Impact's raw power and OHKO potential cannot be underestimated. Depends on his EVs, even if Rest/Sleep Talk points to a defensive set.
or a lum berry for belly drum-rest
I didnt put lum or chesto because of sleep talk, so it could have another item.