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The only Pokemon who can learn Self Destruct that can breed with Snorlax is Snorlax, so can you?

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Couldn't have said it better myself, since most of the Pokémon that can breed Self-Destruct onto their offspring are in the Mineral Egg Group.

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You can't not use Pokebank. In the original games (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) Self-Destruct was TM 36. To get a Self-Destruct Snorlax in Alola, you would need to have one of the Virtual Console versions of the original games, catch a Snorlax, get TM 36, teach the Snorlax Self-Destruct, get Pokebank, transfer the Snorlax, and breed it in Alola. Also, when transferring from the original games the Pokemon do not have genders, so you would need to prepare a compatible Pokemon in Alola for the chance of getting a male or female.


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The only way to get Snorlax to learn Self-Destruct is to evolve the Munchlax in Gen 4 via Pokewalker. You receive one from Winner's Path that already knows Self-Destruct as one of it's moves. In Sun/Moon, you would need to transfer it from that game.

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