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For example: Earthquake, crunch, rock slide, body slam.

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Depends on what you're playing. If you're just playing through the game then it's definitely useful, but not necessarily if you're playing competitively.

When it comes to battling Rest, Sleep Talk and Curse are all common non-offensive moves. You generally want to have some kind of synergy between your different moves and the three ones I just mentioned are all good on Snorlax. You could give your Snorlax Choice Band if you really only want offensive moves, but otherwise I would use Curse or Rest/Sleep Talk.

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When i make that question, i didn't understood properly how some rules regarding making questions worked, when i realized properly i hid this question, because i already kneew the answer for it. But then Pokemaster reshown it, but i agree this kind of question is good to be keeping up.

 I believe this answer is correctly, snorlax can be used on a variety of scenários and can easily be customized to each of them, however he goes even farther when it comes to make use of his defensive attributes.