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I'm looking for ANY way to have Snorlax or Munchlax with OHKO move (he can learn only Fissure) AND identify move (he can learn only Odor Sleuth). I'm looking for ANY LEGIT WAY to have one. I think that chain breeding is the only way.

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Sorry, Snorlax cannot learn any identify move at all.

Odor Sleuth is not a true 'identify' move, it reduces the opponent's evasiveness to normal, i.e. if they used Double Team to become more evasive. So Fissure will still only have 30% accuracy.

But if you definitely want Fissure you should be able to get it like this:
1. Get a Dugtrio, Camerupt or Hippowdon that knows it (by level up).
2. Breed it onto a Walrein.
3. Breed it onto Lapras.
4. Breed it onto Snorlax.

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It can, if it evolved from Munchlax (Odor Sleuth).
Odor Sleuth is not a true 'identify' move, I updated my answer with more info.
Still, it isn´t answer I was looking for. When i breed it onto Snorlax, it will know only Fissure. When I evolve it, it knows only Odor Sleuth. I was asking if it is possible (because I´m not sure), and, if is, how.
But, what did you mean by that "is not a true 'identify' move"? I didn´t understand it, forgive me.
I believe the only Pokemon that can use an "identify" Move and a OHKO move is Articuno with Mind Reader and Sheer Cold. (Correct me if I'm wrong)(not an answer just to help)
DarthDestiny, what I mean is that Odor Sleuth does not guarantee the next move will hit, like Mind Reader/Lock-On do. Fissure will still have 30% accuracy after using Odor Sleuth.
Yup, that's what I wanted to know. Thanks
Smeargle can nasakuho.