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I’m using a careful nature G-Max Snorlax with thick fat on a trick room team with Bronzong, Dusknoir and a speedy Pokémon for when trick room expires.

My Snorlax knows Giga Impact, Crunch, High Horsepower, and Zen Headbutt.

My question is should I replace Giga Impact with Body slam or some other normal type move that’ll be boosted by silk scarf?

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Are you using this Snorlax to battle other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
Mostly battle tower. Maybe some vs tourney if I can
Singles or doubles?

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I would replace giga impact with body slam. It has STAB and 85 base power and a chance to paralyze. Giga impact needs a recharge turn which is bad. You may say “but I’m Gigantamaxed” but gigantamax ends eventually. slam. Two body slams are better than than 1 Giga impact.

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return isn't in sword and shield.
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