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Snorlax with Leftovers
Ability:Thick Fat
Belly Drum
High Horsepower
Heavy Slam


Belly Drum
Heavy Slam
Giga Impact

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This is for competitive, right? What format?
giga impact is one of the worst moves in the game.

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Giga Impact is almost never a good move on any Pokémon, although Snorlax in particular may be one of the few exceptions since it can upgrade GI into its signature Z-Move, Pulverizing Pancake. You will need to replace Leftovers with Snorlium-Z in order to use this, and if you don’t want to do this, then Giga Impact is utterly outclassed by Return; GI’s recharge turn gives it effectively 75 base power per turn, while Return has 102 base power (when at maximum friendship) without a recharge turn. I would honestly recommend using Return over its Z-Move since then you can hold Leftovers and can use your main STAB attack more than once.

In SM/USUM, the TM for Return (TM27) can be found in Malie City after talking to a police officer at night. More details can be found here.

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Wut about Snorlium Z?
Good point, I honestly forgot that Gita Impact was the base move for Pulverizing Pancake. Even though they’re using Leftovers, that probably deserves to be added to the answer.
According to KRLW890:
-6 0- Atk burned Snorlax Giga Impact vs. +6 0 HP / 252+ Def Shuckle in Rain through Reflect with an ally's Friend Guard: 1-1 (0.5 - 0.5%) -- possibly the worst move ever
+6 252+ Atk Choice Band Pure Power Snorlax Helping Hand Return vs. -6 0 HP / 0- Def Happiny in Heavy Rain on a critical hit: 40429832-47564512 (4042983200 - 4756451200%) -- guaranteed OHKO
Go with Return.
As far as I know, there are no Pokémon that learn Giga Impact that do not also learn Return, which is just more damage per turn, plain and simple (and most learn Double-Edge as well, if you're finding that you just barely miss the OHKO on some Pokémon). Outside of Snorlax for its Z-move, Slaking, and some *very* niche Mega Salamence sets, there really is no reason to run Giga Impact over Return.