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Hello I will play Pokémon leaf green again soon as my save file got deleted some time ago I have picked out a team and I can't decide between Snorlax and Zapdos.

My team is:(with snorlax)

You can get a HM slave Farfetch'd and never use it in battle, or you can get a Zapdos.
But I use Pidgeotto alot
actually now that I think of it Zapdos will get rid of 2 of my Pokemon Pidgeotto and Pikachu so I can put a Snorlax but what do I use until I get a zapdos
You can just use 5 Pokemon. There's nothing wrong with having a small team.
I like to have 6

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Both are good in-game so you should replace pidgeot in your team with zapdos .
First of all, it's legendary Pokemon so it's almost obvious. Then you lack coverage against water types and electric would be very helpful against Lorelei (which looks like you'll most likely struggle against if you use snorlax and pidgeot) and rival's gyrados and pidgeot. Here's a set:
Zapdos @ Leftovers or anything else
Ability: Pressure
Any Nature
- Thunderbolt / Thunder
- Drill Peck
- Thunder Wave
- (filler)

Set for snorlax:
Snorlax @ Leftovers or anything else
Ability: Immunity
Any Nature
- Earthquake
- Self-Destruct
- Body Slam
- Shadow Ball / Yawn / anything else

Hope I helped!

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Discharge isn't in gen 3.Blastoise can beat pidgeot with ice beam.Snorlax can beat gyarados,lorelei,and pidgeot with an electric move.It won't die cuz it is tanky too.
Umm,sorry to break it to you.But you made the same mistake as the guy you corrected.Snorlacx learns LITERALY no electrical physical move.And other than that,Snorlax only has good stats in gen 3.he has a terrible movepool ,both from TM and move tutors,in leaf green.Im not saying zapdos has a really good tm set,but it certainly fills up the -no stab 2x effective move against water and flying- hole his team his missing.Honestly ,his team should have zapdos instead of pigeot.Then another Pokemon can fill up another hole (maybe a fighting or dark type Mon)
It learns shock wave,thunderbolt,and thunder.Even with its low SpA,it does quite some damage.It has a great movepool,with tms.I know that snorlax is worse,I'm just pointing it out.
@PkThunder I'm playing natdex too much now I think of it (and using discharge zapdos) so I'm sorry I messed that up. Thanks for pointing out! And it would be easier to defeat Lorelei and rival with zapdos. Don't you think so too?
@Fanpoke Electric is completely special in gen 3. Plus zapdos is a legendary with stab electric moves. And thanks for telling about pidgeot replacement!
Hoenndragon electric is special in gen 3
Oops typo
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Now, Normal types are used mostly used when you have all the important types covered up and you don't want to add any unnecessary weaknesses to your team (because Normal types only have a Fighting weakness or because of their good coverage) and from what I can see, half your team is weak against Water and Ice, and in this gen, Snorlax won't be doing you any good since it has a terrible electrical movepool, however this was fixed in Gen 4 when it got Thunder Punch. Still, it doesn't change the fact that your team is weak to Water. Normally, it wouldn't matter that much BUT since one of the elite 4 specializes in Water types, an Electric or Grass is a must have ,but Grass gets cancelled out because half of her team also shares the ice typing, so by the process of elimination you should take a Zapdos, but I personally don't recommend Zapdos because it is also weak to ice and that's a problem, so you could replace Snorlax with something like a Raichu. Raichu is helpful because it's an early game mon and it's gonna help you a lot with your rival Gyarados. But still, if you use Raichu, your team will be filled up and you won't have anything for the ghost/poison e4, and Blastoise can't deal with Gyarados because ice does neutral damage, so one of your mons need to have a electric move.

Now, I'm gonna reveal my opinion.
Since Gyarados is 4x weak to electric it should be OHKOed by any electrical move, and since Thunder Punch is a special move you can teach it to your Alakazam. With that, you don't need a electrical Pokemon! Now I would have recommended a Fighting mon but your team also lacks coverage for the ghost/poison e4, like I said before. So, I'll recommend a mon that will take care of both of those problems. It's either Kangaskhan or Snorlax, because both of these mons can learn Brick Break and Shadow Ball (a physical move in Gen 3). Kangaskhan is difficult to find and catch but it also has a slightly better movepool but lower stats. On the other hand, Snorlax is easy to find and has better stats, so you can use Snorlax. I know that I twisted my opinions here and there, but it was all so you could understand how you don't really need an Electric type. Hope I helped!

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Electric stab spam is awesome in frlg imo because most things don't resist it.Alakazam is way too frail also.Thunder Punch is a breeding move,and you can only breed in postgame.The only electric move it gets before postgame is shock wave,which is mediocre.Raichu is not bulky too.
Should I give thunderbolt to snorlax from the game corner?