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I don't want to breed my Snorlax and get a new one, because mine is pretty good for the moment. Is there any way to get Curse on my Snorlax without breeding to obtain a new one?

Also, this also applies to any other egg moves, too. It'd be nice if there's also a way to get Double-Edge, maybe.

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If I understand your question correctly, you want Curse and possibly Double-Edge on your Snorlax you caught and are using in Sword/Shield. To put it simply, you cannot get those moves unless you breed Snorlax with the appropriate Pokémon. Now, maybe the Crown Tundra DLC (Or maybe some future DLC) will introduce a move tutor that can teach Pokémon egg moves, but as for now, it is not possible.

An alternative to breeding is if you have access to the gen 1 and gen 2 VC games. In RBY, Snorlax can be taught Double-Edge and also learns it at level 48. In GSC, Snorlax can be taught Curse via TM. So one could catch a Snorlax in RBY, have it learn D-E, trade it to GSC, teach it Curse, then transfer Snorlax to Pokémon Bank via Pokémon Transporter and then migrate the HA Snorlax with at least 3 guaranteed perfect IVs to Pokémon Home, where it can be retrieved and used in Sword and Shield.

tl;dr: you have to breed Snorlax to get it’s egg moves, but using the VC gen 1 and gen 2 games is a potential workaround.

EDIT: apparently if your current Snorlax is G-Max capable, you can delete two moves to create two empty moveslots and then breed it with a Snorlax that knows both Double-Edge and Curse. This will cause your G-Max Snorlax to learn those moves.

Source: https://youtu.be/ZMbdafiaYdE

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I mean it is only possible for G-Max Snorlax to learn egg moves by being put in a daycare with a Pokémon that already knows them.

tl;dr: look at the EDIT section of my answer :)

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really? the video also said it was possible for other pokemon too
Did it say it was possible for other G-Max Pokémon, or possible for any Pokemon?
Pretty sure the official video Game Freak released says that every Pokemon can use that method.
Well that is great to know! What a n00b I am... :p