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In Pokemon X, I'm trying to breed a Wailmer who knows Curse. I saw on the database that it was an egg move. I've looked through the Pokemon but I couldn't find any who knew curse and were able to breed with Wailmer. If anyone more knowledgeable on this matter double check for me that would be great.

I've already attempted breeding Wailmer with Bidoof (who knows curse), I know the breeding pair sounds strange but they both have a similar egg group (Field), so I assumed it wold work, but it hasn't thus far.

About the Bidoof problem, did you  get eggs and the offspring didn't have Curse, or did you not get any eggs?

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Their are 5 Pokemon that can learn curse and can breed with wailmer/wailord.

  1. Numel
  2. Camerupt
  3. Torkoal
  4. Bidoof
  5. Bibarel

Breeding with your bidoof may have gone wrong for a few reasons,

  1. If you didn't get any eggs, you will. It can take a long time before you get eggs, but you will with these 2.
  2. It could have known 4 other egg moves that replaced curse.
  3. Your game could have been hacked. Hacking into games incorrectly can cause weird things to happen, like breeding goes wacko. If you bought your game used it also might have been hacked.
  4. The is probably the most likely reason this didn't work. The Wailmer is male and the bidoof is female. Only the male's egg moves will be passed down, not the female's.

I hope this helped!

Thanks! This helped very much, the problem was #4. My bidoof was female therefor could not pass down the moves.
yep no problem!
Though, it was X.
Now in X males and females can pass down moves.
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Wailmer/Wailord get Curse as an egg move from these Pokemon:

  • image Numel
  • image Camerupt
  • image Torkoal
  • image Bidoof
  • image Bibarel

Breeding with a Bidoof should have worked so I'm not completely sure what could have happened there.
Maybe let me know about the details in a comment and I'll try to figure it out.

Hope I helped

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When breeding My Wailmer with Bibarel it said they both prefer to play with other pokemon which i have read refers to that those pokemon are incompatible for breeding.