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Skitty can Breed with Wailord. Wailord is 100 times bigger
I know that they are in the same egg group so please dont answer that :) Thx

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Its not really "Logic" its just them not thinking it through or not caring. Why do people have to ask questions? They just want people to enjoy the game. Not worrying about how a Skitty or Wailord will do it... lol
Or how a Pokemon can learn Punch moves with no arms. You see they don't go into detail. I mean where does your mum or anyone for that matter apart from yourself sleep as there tends to be about 7 or so beds in each region or related to you question How do Pokemon do it...

Why would they go into all that detail when it will not affect the game play and that. Only 1 in maybe 1000 people will notice stuff like that :P
I'm sorry if this wasn't the answer you were looking for but honestly you will not get a better answer than this or the others as it is just a case of they are in the same egg group. There is no special reason for why they can mate. It just happens :P They probably just didn't realize this mistake.

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Ok well if we are talking about how mammals breed then yeah its a bit weird..
But this is the Pokeworld and not everything is based on real life.
Maybe some other form of sex takes place.
I'm having to be careful with what i'm saying but maybe Hormonal glands are used in Pokemon because their sprites show no obvious genetailia.

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The answer is this :Skitty and wailord are in the same egg group .....The reason why Wailord is included in the Field Egg Group, the same group Skitty is in, in the first place is likely because whales are mammals, like most other Pokémon in the Field group.

source:bulbapedia http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/HSOWA
hope I helped:D

P.S:pokemon that are in the same egg group can always breed!