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I still do competitive battles on gen 4 with my friends, and one of them had a Wailord with Ice Shard and Rough Skin.
He said someone traded it to him and he believes that person got it from an event. I did some research and found no such event, but I'm still unsure. So could this be a real event (annoying to battle I might add) legit Wailord, or a cheat from some action replay device?

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No event ever took place with that Pokemon.

Even if it had, event Pokemon can't be traded, so that excuse would have been false even if it did exist.

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I agree with the responces I have received so thanks to every one, but I disagree with the trading of event pokemon because I have indeed traded an event shiny Entei from my freinds platinum to my soulsilver and it worked out fine.
You didn't specify if it was over wi-fi or not. You can trade event  pokemon locally, but not over wi-fi.
Haha yeah I was being to general your right, yes it was through a local trade that he supposedly obtained this wailord, but with all my research and you guys responding to my question I can put this one to bed....its a cheat wailord, so now I have to get revenge(legitly) for that wailord rape. Trust me on this you guys should be glad that no such wailord exsists its a nightmare to battle :(
Event Pokemon can be traded.
I got a dusk lycanroc.
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It's not legitimate.

Wailord cannot learn Ice Shard and it does not have the Ability Rough Skin.

I didn't even have to check this but, there have only been two Wailord Events and in neither Event did Wailord have Rough Skin, so your friend's Wailord is hacked.


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