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Why do you need a wailord and relicanth to catch the three Regis? Is there a connection between them or a storyline or is it just random?

Only thing I can think of is that the Regis are ancient pokemon, and perhaps Relicanth represents the "map" needed to reach them, but I'm not sure what Wailord would be for. :/ I'll look it up
I think Relicanth, a very ancient pokemon, was one of the first Rock/Water type pokemon to use Water/Ice based moves, and Rock/Ground based moves. Relicanth embodies the Ancient (Land/Water Legendary) aspect of Regigigas, and Wailord Embodies his Size.  Regigigas moves continents, as well as shift tectonic plates and open/closes trenches.

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The significance of why Wailord and Relicanth are needed might have something to do with the general theme of the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games; the relationship between land and the sea. Relicanth is based on the coelacanth, a creature that is considered to be closely related to the ancestors of all land-living vertebrates. Wailord is based on the whale, a creature whose ancestors once lived on land but have since evolved to live in the ocean.

This might answer your questions. Other things I've read have also stated that it might be because Wailord is the biggest Pokemon, while Relicanth is the oldest. Not sure about how that'd play out, but it's something.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sealed_Chamber

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I think that this theory of mine is the most believable one.Relicanth, an ancient pokemon which is hard to find and capture.This is the reason they want us to have a relicanth before capturing the titans (Regis) because it will prove that we have travelled a lot and fought hard to capture it.Now comes Wailord.Wailord is an aquatic pokemon evolved from wailmer which is very hard and frustrating  to evolve.Evolving wailmer into Wailord itself suggests that the trainer has done a lot of hardwork.So in my  opinion, this is the best theory for this.