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I'm playing Omega Ruby and I am hunting down all of the legendary Pokemon. I know where they all are and how to get them from my previous playthrough of the game, but I tried getting the Regis just how I did before, and it didn't work. The earthquake that unlocks them was never triggered, even though I had Relicanth in the front of my party and Wailord in the back. I looked on YouTube to double check, and I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. Does anyone happen to know why it may not be working? (and, yes, I had a Pokemon with Dig in the party)

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Welcome to im not stupid the game show where i explain to everyone im not an idiot and have done all required things to activate the regis but when i read the final set of brail at the end of the second room nothimg happens even with relicanth and wailord in the required spots
I already know you're not an idiot (not sure about the other guys though). I'm asking these questions because I am an idiot.
Oh i see
Watch this video, it's a gameplay of catching the Regis.
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Use the move dig next to the ice crystal and it puts you out next to a stone regigigas

I don't think there are ice crystals in the Sealed Chamber.