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It's said that when I want to open 3 cave of regis pokemon, I must have regigigas. I already catch regigigas lv1 in Snowpoint Temple (WITHOUT CHEAT, I catch it with ultra ball and I have to "sleep" it first), I know the cave, but it's empty. what do I do now?

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Did you get the Regigigas from the eleventh movie event? It has to be that one specifically for the regis to appear.

No, I migrate 3 regis from sapphire to make Regigigas awake in Snowpoint Temple, is there a problem?
That Regigigas won't work. :( It has to be the event regigigas from the 11th movie.
Oh God, so it can't? ok, thanks a lot! :(
yep, catch 22... need 3 for 1, and 1 for 3, sucks, huh