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With the Sw/Sh DLC out, Regeleki and Regidrago exist blah blah blah. I think the Regis are cool and I was wondering if a team made fully of Regis would be usable. Not exceptional, but good enough so you could use it. Thanks!!

no. period.
This time, I agree with you. I would say no.
What format/rules are you asking about?
Yes, I also agree. They are insane in one stat and bad at the others (except for the 100 ones)
Would an all-regi team be viable?

A: absolutely not
If you're goal is to win, absolutely not
Okay, okay, I was just curious. After all, apparently legendries are, or at least are supposed to be, well ... legendary. Seeing this, it makes me curious as to how they somehow made legendries both amazing and suck at the exact same time. Also, sumwun, I mean just in-game teams. This doesn't have a hope in [naughty word] to get even a single k.o. in competitive.

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No, this would not be a viable team as only Regielecki and Registeel are the only good remotely viable non situational regis. However PIMPNITE made a video on it if you want to watch it.

TL;DR it's a really gimmicky team with a high risk low reward case.

Hope I helped!