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In pokemon emerald, I really want to catch the Regis (Ice, Steel, Rock). How Can I?

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I have gotten to the cave and what not, but there was no earthquake. I read online that you need to use dig. Uh oh. I already traded my only pokemon with dig by mistake! Note: I already used the TM on that pokemon I traded, so I cannot go to fossil Maniacs brother. How can I teach a pokemon Dig without a TM or trade (as I do not know many people who play emerald, mainly just B/W)? Please help me out of this sticky sictuation.

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2 Answers

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Okay, I know this may sound freakin crazy as heck but go and catch a Nincada, Level him up to level 45 and he will learn Dig. There you go! There's your digger! BTW he is easy to train because of his low EXP total! Hope this helped!

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Thanks SpikeyEaredPichu! That should work! I will try to answer any of your questions in the future if I can!
Your very welcome starmarx39!
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Here's a video that shows how to catch all 3 Regis in Pokemon Emerald.

Hope this Helps :)

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