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I just caught a Gigantamax Snorlax and I want to use it competitively. My issue is, however, my Snorlax is male and I can't get curse on it without not having it being able to Gigantamax, meaning that I can't use a curselax strategy. What can I use as a substitute for it?

What format/rules are you playing with?
I'm planning on using a doubles team. I'm gonna put the team in Showdown first using VGC 2020 to test it. So basically VGC 2020 rules.
VGC20 has existed for less than a month, so I think very few people know what moves are good in that format.
Alright then, really I'm just going to be using it in Battle Stadium Doubles mostly, so maybe that helps a bit?

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I know this doesn't answer what move is 'better' than Curse because that is entirely subjective.

However, there is no reason your G-Max Snorlax isn't able to learn Curse.
If you delete a move-slot from your G-Max Snorlax & breed a regular Snorlax with Curse aswell.

You can proceed to put them in the daycare together to transfer the egg-move curse. Genders don't matter, all that matters is that one snorlax has a free move-slot and the other has an eggmove to transfer.

All you need to do is ride up and down a few times and go & retrieve your G-Max Snorlax with Curse!

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Eggs can't inherit the Gmax factor. Also I'm pretty sure eggs can still inherit moves if both parents have no free slots.
Yeah. If you breed an egg where it's parent can G-max, the offspring won't be able to G-max. Besides, if anything my Snorlax (named IHOP) would have to be female. And my Snorlax would be the Pokemon passing down curse since only the male has the ability to do that.
I don't think either of you understand. Egg moves can be passed down by Males & Females since Generation 7.
In Sword & Shield you can now transfer Egg moves without breeding.

(the reason this has been added is SPECIFICALLY so you can give G-Max Pokemon Egg Moves)

Put your G-max Snorlax with one free move slot & another Snorlax that knows Curse in the daycare.
Ride around for a bit and the G-Max snorlax will now know curse. No breeding or eggs needed.
This is literally in the trailer for Pokémon Sword/Shield on the Pokémon YouTube Channel.

Source: https://youtu.be/ZMbdafiaYdE
I knew about this, but I didn't think that the females could pass the move, too!
I didn't see any mention of day cares in that video. Can you tell me a specific time in the video, in case I missed it while trying to watch the entire video?
It actually worked! Thanks!!
Apologies the source has been edited, check the new link. Here is the correct video.

Okay thanks.