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In Pokemon Episode 346 Ash battles Gretta a Frontier Brain and his Snorlax is shown using the following: Protect, Ice Punch, Hyper Beam, Rest and Body Slam! Is this an easter egg or a mistake ?


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The anime often differs from the games, such as Pokemon having more than four moves, legendaries not breeding etc.
This is just another one of those time where the anime is different from the games.

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its anime

many things is different from the games.

-pp doesn't exist*
-aqua ring protects user from electric attacks
-eggs have same colors as the Pokemon
- Pokemons can have more moves than 5

enter image description here

the anime would lose its points if everything was just like the games. thats why its often added a little spice to the anime, like 5 moves on snorlax. you just have to accept it

hope I helped :)

*well, no one have ever mentioned it

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