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I’m planning a playthrough in Heartgold with a Scizor on my team, as a Scyther either traded to my Platinum and traded back or from Platinum to Heartgold. I saw on the Move Tutor page that the only way to get Bug Bite on Scizor is by a Move Tutor in the Battle Frontier. Is there any way I can get Bug Bite on him pre-league?

nope you can't
better use x scissor until then

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In HeartGold, the only way to get Bug Bite on Scizor is to teach it at the Battle Frontier Move Tutor.

It is impossible to get a Scyther/Scizor with Bug Bite in Platinum.

Source: The Scyther and Scizor move learned page on this site

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In HeartGold, the only way to teach bug bite to scizor is going to a move tutor, which is in Battle Frontier.

In Platinum, there is no way to teach bug bite to scizor, so you can't teach bug bite in platinum.

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