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For the Battle Frontier in Emerald, as long as I have good natures and good EV's, are good IV's necessary to get all gold symbols? If so, do I just need to have 31 IV (30 if I do lv 50) in the most important stat?

I think you can get a good answer by asking here. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/gen-iii-battle-frontier-discussion-and-records.3648697/ I'm pretty sure they don't matter because most opponents use bad Pokemon, moves, and EVs, so good Pokemon, moves, and EVs should be enough to defeat them.
It’s really hard to get good IVs in Gen 3, so I’d say either skip IV breeding entirely or just go for one stat.

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It makes it much easier if you breed for decent IVs, but you definitely don’t need flawless Pokémon or anything close. I got all gold symbols with ‘relatively superior’ Pokémon, so aiming for IVs of around 20-25 for most relevant stats is probably a good idea.

Having said that, I used goodstuffs casual teams rather than a specific strategy (e.g. debuff lead with setup sweepers), so I probably needed higher stats than you would with more carefully crafted teams.

In terms of specific facilities, I found that the easier/more survival-y ones (Dome, Pike, Pyramid) punish you less for lower stats than the ones with more complicated gimmicks and/or longer streaks of just battles (Arena, Palace, Tower).

For example, even if it has below-average IVs, an all-out attacking Starmie can still pretty much get you through the Symbol battles in the Battle Pike by itself, while also handling the rest of the facility well thanks to Natural Cure. In the Dome you can pretty reliably predict what your opponent’s gonna bring and counter-team them, so flawless stats don’t matter as much there either.

Overall, I’d say it’s definitely possible to get every symbol without worrying about IVs, but you’d likely end up with enough extra failed attempts that it would’ve been faster just to do a few hours of breeding/soft-resetting to get semi-decent IVs. I’m sure that almost all of my Gold Symbol streaks had battles where one of my Pokémon crucially survived with 1 or 2 HP or just barely 2HKO’d a scary opponent thanks to above-average IVs. The initial time investment of breeding saves you time and frustration in the long run.


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Like KRLW890 said, iv breeding is very difficult, So, if you really want, breed only for one iv. If you have very good Pokemon and good evs and a good nature on your pokes, you should be fine. Good luck!