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I'm trying to go through the battle frontier and I'm unsure on what to make as my third team member. I'm planning on doing the level 50 challenges. I have a salamence level 50 which knows fly, hidden power (which is electric type for him), flamethrower, and dragon claw . my metagross which is level 45 knows pursuit, take down, metal claw, and psychic. what would be a good third for the trio?

How do you know your hidden power type in emerald??????

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I would recommend gyarados for the third Pokemon in the trio.
Trait: Intimidate
Nature: Brave
Dragon Dance
Hyper Beam
Rain Dance

Since this is gen lll, Hyper Beam is physical and that's really good for gyarados
Rain Dance is to power up Waterfall, and Dragon Dance is to get faster and to power up Hyper Beam.
Gyarados is also easy to find, but in only one location in emerald, and that place is sootopolis city. If you use the super rod, you should get it in no time. They also are found at a moderately high level(35-45).
Hope I helped!

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Jolteon, because it is fast and has a massive Sp. Attack stat.
Heres the moveset:
Hidden Power (water)
Item: Focus sash

Thunderbolt for single hand damage, Discharge for more than one damage, Thunderwave to stall opponant and Hidden Power water for destroying ground types.


Jolteon (M) @ Choice Specs
Trait: Volt Absorb
Timid nature (+ Spd,-Atk.)
- Thunderbolt
- Signal Beam
- Shadow Ball
- Thunder Wave

This is a much better moveset option. Since you're using this team for the Battle Frontier, this set offers a wider variety of type coverage.
for some reason you cant get and eevee in emerald but i have started training an ampharos at level 40 which already knows thunder with rain dance is that any good?
I would say HP ice for grass ground and dragon coverage but water is ok for dealing with rock but seriously HP GRASS