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Also about breeding self destruct snorlax. Please answer:
Following the logic of a Pokémon mother and father needing to know a move to pass it down, could we breed self destruct snorlax’s in Sun/Moon if we don’t give snorlax full unsends.

And how the f** hell do I get a self destruct Munchlax? Just asked my friend got it in HGSS aparrently I think he’s lying.

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Is self destruct a TM or move tutor move I didn’t know? Also where to get it? Also can this be used to breed Self destruct snorlax.
Well my friend got a self destruct Munchlax some how?? Not from Gen 1 anyways. Wanna tell me how?
Why does the fact that they're from Gen 1 matter here?
Okay. How to get Self destruct Munchlax?
There was an event in HGSS that let people get self-destruct Munchlaxes.

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Self-Destruct is an egg move for Munchlax in gen 7 (oddly, not for Snorlax). You can transfer a Snorlax from Gen 1 Virtual Console that was Taught Selfdestruct via TM36 to Ultra Sun/Moon and breed it while holding a Full Incense to hatch a Self-Destruct Munchlax. :P

The Selfdestruct TM is found on floor 2f, recieved from a Female character in the north-west room. :P

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I’m pretty sure there’s also an event-exclusive Pokéwalker route where you can catch Self-Destruct Munchlax.