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I'm currently playing through Yellow and thought it would be funny to teach my Exeggutor Self-Destruct from the TM to take some important trainers out quicker. (Nothing specific yet) However, the fact that making use of Self-Destruct probably requires packing some revives that cost money provide a different argument.

Is it worth using exploding moves in-game? Or should I just make use of Egg Bomb on my Exeggutor instead?

I think Graveler (and Golem if you can trade, of course) is the best self-KO move user in RBY.
i definitely agree
It's definitely useful in every case except the elite 4
no.I don't think its worth it just use a good move.

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It can definetely come in handy in many ways like saving an nuzlocke by sacrafiseing himself for the run,saving an close champion battle etc.But its up to you whether you want an egg bomb or self-destruct.
If you want to save money on revives egg bomb but if its fine using you limited money go self-destruct

1. How do you know the Exeggutor is a "he" and not a "she"?
2. Source?
3. In the end you said "it's up to the OP", so can you please compare the two (Explosion/Egg Bomb)?
i'll work on it a little more.I have an exam tomorrow so probbably I'll update it after that
Would you please mind updating your answer? Its been more than a month. Thanks.