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I mean it as if your own Pokemon uses explosion and survives... If so, that'd be epic.



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No because Focus Sash and Sturdy will not protect you from it.

This is because Focus Sash and Sturdy protect you from the enemies OHKO moves.

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Well, yeah.  BUT, does it say anything about the ability Rock Head, which prevents recoil damage?  What about that?
Explosion and Selfdestruct's side effect are not recoil. They are a regular side effect, not recoil. Enough said.
Explosion and SelfDestruct aren't recoil. They're part of the attack itself.
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Actually, there is. When your opponent has the ability Damp, the move will fail, causing you not to faint.

If you USE it, meaning it works.
You can still Use the move it will just fail
yeah, but you know what this guy means.
He just said if you use Explosion can you survive, he didnt say it has to work.
Hmm... true.
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No they will always faint.