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Explosion/self-destruct is the strongest moves in Pokemon games but the user faints. I like to use these moves in game as my secret weapon against strong trainers but is these moves good for competitive?

A quick question: a move with 250/200 base damage but the user do not faint (recharge two turns instead) will be a broken move ?

In ADV Explosion was good bc it had an effective base power of 500, and could be used by a whole bunch of Pokémon to break through relevant walls like swampert and blissey

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Explosion and Self Destruct may have power, but they also knock you out too. You generally want to maintain your advantage over your opponent by knocking their Pokemon out while keeping your Pokemon in the game. While Explosion/Self Destruct will probably either knock out an opponent or do a hefty chunk of damage, it also means that in the best case scenario, you haven't actually gained an advantage over your opponent at all since you both lost a Pokemon, while in the worst case, you're actually making it harder for yourself to win, since they might tank the hit, but your Pokemon will be KOed no matter what. Explosion is gimmicky at best, and if it's power you want, there are better moves you can use to get that.

As for if a move that had a base power of 250, but you had to recharge for two turns afterwards would be broken, I'm gonna say no, because that's two turns you're unable to attack, two free hits that an opponent can chip away at your team, and two turns you could've spent potentially knocking out more Pokemon and doing more damage than you could've with that one move.

Hope this helped!

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Thanks. I really wanna see a "hyper beam" move with 250 or 200 base power but two turns recharge, will be funny to use haha
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Usually they are not used because it is not likely to kill the oponent since its normal type then you would be down one poke and the opponent would be winning. I can see it being used on a set-up poke for whn its done ,or on a poke with aerilate/refridgerate/ect. I wouldn't suggest it.

To your second question uhh kinda yeah your poke will probably die but the chance it won't could make it better

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he means the recoil of explosion would be a recharge of two turns like hyper beam/giga impact