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Gender: Darkrai
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Favorite Pokémon: Absolute favorite: Darkrai. jolteon gengar mew mudkip deoxys metagross registeel shuckle cofagrigus and many more
Friend Codes: 4957-7957-4686

A friend list 'cuz why not and other people are doing it.
snowberry- really good friend. comes up with some cool stories.
Glazio Kawaii-  a very friendly and welcoming person, quirky and fun.
~MegaCharizardY~ a nice person very funny
Mega-X Blade a really nice person very friendly and polite
Codace- really nice gave me a bunch of really cool pokes
Pokeman38ey- Traded me my darkrai THANKK YOUUU
About me: *The "Great" Wall of Quotes* Part II

(forces Y deep into the depths of X's ketchup head)-glazio , o_O

X GET ME OUTTA YOUR DING DANG HEAD-Y, why were you there in the first place?

*shoves X, Y, and glazio down groudon’s throat*-Primal , primal has a big throat

*shoves my throat down my throat*-Primal , how is that even possible???

I have swuigglies, ketchup, and water ob my head-X, who doesn't

Confusion intensifies-X, I feel you

*dumps beef on X’s head*-Y , i feel bad for x

Norging, jason. Sorry.-X , do i want to know what norging is?

*pours toenails on X’s head*-Y , ew just eww

Cheesus cheest-Y the holey-est of cheese

Stop. Laughing. You. Dumb. Breath. Of. Air.-Y , Breath. Of. Air.- :(((

Glazio is now addicted to telling other people to put a frock on her

I think that master ball caught one of my internal organs- Primal

I'd love to make a picture of Gla-Gla standing over three girls, dead and on fire, saying "That'll teach you to mess with my girl.". I would use that as my Grav. XD -glazio, I'm scared

Cheez Wheez XD- Kyogre said maybe



UR MOM'S A GUN- Magnezone

Wait...... MagEARNA THE MACARENA- kyogre

A conga line of derpy Haus, some zombie spider Haus swimming through the ground, a dabbing Mew, derpy Pika in a UFO flailing her arms, and Gladion juggling flamethrowers that burn stuff down. While Thriller plays.- Glazio, at least there isn't any murder this time

HSIFEBIV- Magnezone,

Ah, in the epic whee zone swimmin' with a flare bomb super zoom, oh beep beep hooooonk whee and this is funny fun as we whee along and I need to dance and sing this song on bungee cords that scream "AAAAHHHHH" as we just la la la and prance along!- Glazio


Soviet Piplup....-Kyogre

I loved it when pikachu was fat as frick-pk

Someone make mimikyu use lets snuggle forever on me-Atg

I like fish toes-Primal

I want pk fingers sandwich-Atg

(Epic belt noises)-Primal

(Epic atg sacraficing Panera bread to PrimalKyogre nosies”-Primal

Oh boy mewderator caught us eating squigglys-Primal

(train destroys our squiggly obsession)-Primal


9/3/20 Mewderator said something on chat, I can be here without saying anything you know ;)


All toodles reminds me of is High School Musical. *shudder*- stateside


(does squiggly wiggly dance that makes doduo die in a fire) -primal

Yeah. She ate jimmy’s electric chair romantically -Primal

My sis is obsessed with epic whee in the triple GLa Gla tree -Primal, glazio?

No dude you buffoon -Snivy

I shall celebrate Wheemas, the most whee whee of the whee holidays. XD- Glazio

(uses Porygon as a salt shaker and salts Primal with Poke Balls filled with Gla-Gla whees)-Glazio

(becomes unable to see and dies)-Glazio

That's probably the same fly who stood on a pizza and touched my Gladion card! DIE, FOUL DEMON!-Glazio

"wou if cou i hink im eing rushed? Oh! You need to pee and someone's rushing you to feed the hink cow!" -Y


Chonky pokemon are cute- Atg

Cool (playfully bashed Nova and Glazio on their backs with a hammer)-Pk, that escalated quickly

"Someone tell autocorrect not to autocorrect!" - PorygonZangoose

(screams at fictional christian kids)- Glazio

(dabs)-Glazio, perish

Coffee sucks so hard.-glazio, hmmmmmmmmm

Why did you make Snickers cry -lyle

“No offense”-the thing everyone says before they are about to offend overly sensitive people -Primal, very true


*saws off ATG's typical glance with leaf tail now he's just A* - *saw noises* ~Mega

seconds ago
its that one where the husband shoved his kids into the oil tanks

seconds ago
I chopped off X's pantaloons with an axe :3 , X wears pantaloons? noun
plural noun: pantaloons 1.women's baggy trousers gathered at the ankles.


(imagine being kidnapped in the magic school bus and miss frizzle turns out to be ATG in disguise and pulls out a BAGon full of squigglies and shoves them up every hole in your body)-Atg , no, I would not like to imagine that.

fduck ducks of fduck town toenails-Y,

Atg has an atypical sized brain :/- Y

My personal favorites
(Epic atg sacraficing Panera bread to PrimalKyogre nosies”-Primal
Jirachi is hot garbage-x, well u still said im hot so...-jirachi
Oh boy mewderator caught us eating squigglys-Primal
I'd love to make a picture of Gla-Gla standing over three girls, dead and on fire, saying "That'll teach you to mess with my girl.". I would use that as my Grav. XD -glazio, I'm scared
*licks every electronic in the world* WOW IM ENJOYING MY LICK SO MUCH -Y
Then join Pika and lick some rocks -Nova
I loved it when pikachu was fat as frick-pk

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Hello? Are you alive, how ya been?
4 days ago by Aurora Zapp
The Aether News
Alola Schooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! Whee. So Gladion gets mad at Losermine because Ms. Nuzzly wouldn't get off of him. And then he tries to drag Ms. Nuzzly out the door by her tuxedo collar. Fun. However, she kicks him in the knee and he lets go of her. She was freaking out because of her blanket, which she retrieves and then drops on Gladion's head for no apparent reason. He gets ticked off more and notices that there's something written on the blanket. I think it's called embroidered or something? Anyway, it reads P-I-K-A, or Pika, and that gives Gladion a heart attack. Why? Because Pika was the name of the Jacksons' daughter. And yes the name of the family mentioned earlier on who lost their daughter to a Garchomp is Jackson. Because is why. Gladion tells Losermine that he thinks the girl is Pika, the Jacksons' daughter. Her reply is one of disbelief, because she thought the girl had been killed. Gladion argues that the girl gave her the blanket and there's not a scratch or anything on it. Losermine then seems to believe it a bit and asks that, if she is truly Pika Jackson, what should they do? Since, after all, the Jacksons moved out of Alola years ago. Gladion gets the idea that they should take care of her, since she doesn't seem to mind them and they could send her to school and stuff. What fun. That's it for now! See ya!
Nov 3 by Gladion Aether
The Aether News
Woo-hoo, new month! What did I do today? Well, I played Pokemon. I tried Shiny hunting an Eevee, but sadly I accidentally knocked out the only Eevee because I'm a dum-dum and wasn't paying attention. I don't really care for keeping Leah, my Shiny Gumshoos, right now. I want a Shiny Yungoos instead, so I'll probably breed or hunt for that sometime. So I guess that's one more Shiny I care nothing about. Big oof. Anyway, I think that's it for now. See ya!
Nov 1 by Gladion Aether
The ? News
I don't have any news to report. I might've forgotten something cool, but if I did, I'll post it in tomorrow's news. And, uh, you probably noticed that the news now reads The ? News instead of The Glazio News... well, I dunno what to call it yet, heh. See ya!
Oct 31 by Gladion Aether
We are fellow Darkrai now.
Oct 31 by ■Primal●Shadow■
The Glazio News
Yay I might've did something cool that I can't remember and- wait no I didn't. Uh anyway onto fanfic news! Alola School time! Lillie asks how Gladion's feeling, and he says he's fine. As Aca Frockyjerkheadedlameheadfrockjerkofthejerkyjerksfrockberry goes back to teaching, Gladion zones out, thinking about that weird girl he had met. So Lillie asks if he's okay because he's distanting off into the distant distance, and he replies that he's just thinking. She asks about what, and he says a girl he met. So she grins slyly and asks what she's like, and Gladion says, and I quote: "She's like a Pokemon. She lurks in bushes, seems to have a Lycanroc for a mother, trills instead of speaking, nuzzles my hand, tackles me, and tries to pull my hair away from my face with her teeth." So Lillie is big confuse. She asks what her name was, and Gladion replies that he has no clue, since she didn't speak, and Nurse Joy thinks she might be deaf. So Lillie gets deep in thought. But then the buttheaded berry that is an Aca yells for them to shut their mouths and Gladion tells her sorry sarcastically while calling her Aca Jerkberry. She goes red with massive triggered and tells him to respect his teachers. So he snorts. Legit she wants him to respect her when she hates him for no reason. The only reason he acts jerky to her is because she acts jerky to him. So we get a beautiful whispered line from Lillie: "Calling us Mr. and Ms. Aether makes it sound like we're married or something." Gladion's reply is that at least she's not dumb enough to ship herself with him, as some of their classmates shipped them before they learned that the two of them were related. So Acalame Noberryhead tells him to respect his classmates and don't make inappropriate jokes. So his response is an amazing "My most sincere apologies, Ms. Butthead." So she gets even more ticked off and in the middle of Gladion giving her another insult she yells that that's it. And here we go to Chapter 3! Oh, and don't worry about there not being any real details on the class or any other classes being shown. The classes will be detailed later on. The same with the characters. We'll be meeting them. So be patient! When Gladion gets home, Lusamine asks how school was, and Gladion says that it was pretty bad. She asks why and Lillie begins to explain, but is cut off. By what, you ask? A loud slam against the door. And another and another. Guess who's at the door? The girl Gladion met who is holding a little blanket in her mouth. He asks her what she's doing there, and she notices him and tackles him for a nuzzle session. He tells her to stop, Lillie asks if Ms. Nuzzly is the girl he was referring to in class, and Lusamine asks what's going on. Since Ms. Nuzzly doesn't wanna get off of Gladion in the middle of her nuzzle session, he slaps her, yells at her, and then kicks her in the stomach. So she promptly gets off of him and cries while flailing. Lusamine tells him he didn't need to kick her, and his thoughts are: "I never thought she could reach that level of dumb." Heh heh. That's all for now! See ya!
Oct 30 by Gladion Aether
The Glazio News
I bred another Eevee! He's 5IV with not so much in Attack, and I named him Type: Psico. He'll be an Espeon! I think I'm gonna be number one dum-dum and make him a Choice Scarf Trick user. Why? Because that's my excuse for using a Choice Scarf. I hate the bloody things but they could be fun. Probably won't work at all, but whatever. Anyway, I did some work on Alola School! Heh heh, bet ya didn't see that one comin'! Gladion's fourteen minutes late to history of Alola or whatever. He doesn't like it, but not because of the class itself. What he hates is the teacher, Aca Norberry. She hates him and he has no idea why. She calls him a tattletale and a crybaby, which is unfair as the only people he's tattled on have been those jerkface bully jerkfaced jerkfaces and lameheaded triad, Ramos, Drake, and Tate. He arrives in class and Aca Buttheadberry yells at him for being late. His response? Sarcasm. "My most sincere apologies, grand master. I beg of you, please do not shun me, for I cannot live with your disapproval." Frick I love Gladion. Anyway, this ticks off Ms. Jerky Rude Lamehead Teacher because some kids are laughing at her and she tells Gladion to sit down. So he repeats what she said in a mocking voice before sitting down next to his sister, Lillie. And there's always been an empty seat at his left side. Why is there an empty seat? Quiet I don't wanna spoil too much stuff, heh. Anyway, that's it for now! See ya!
Oct 29 by Gladion Aether
(is hyperventilating because name changes)

The Glazio News
I've been breeding perfect IV Eevees! I got one bred so far, and he has Modest nature, so I'm EV training him! While 5IV, with no IVs in Attack, is better than 6IV in the case of special attackers, I don't really care. He's gonna be a Sylveon, and I named him Type: Fée. I think that's it for now. See ya!
Oct 28 by Gladion Aether
The Glazio News
Yay, I bred some more HA Pokemon! I think I got Torchic, Woobat, and Druddigon! I also have some more HA starters to breed, so I'll be breedin' those! Not much aside from that, sadly. See ya!
Oct 27 by Gladion Aether
The Glazio News
I got HA Rowlet and Popplio to add to the breeding service! Whee! Oh, and I did a tiny bit of work on Sol and Luna. Pika explains to Rotom why her having her head on Mr. Luna's shoulder is a problem, and Rotom says that if she doesn't like him and it was an accident, there was no harm done. Heh heh heh... heeeeh... welp, that's all for now! See ya!
Oct 26 by Gladion Aether