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*The "Great" Wall of Quotes*

shoves my throat down my throat-Primal , how is that even possible???

Confusion intensifies-X, I feel you

Stop. Laughing. You. Dumb. Breath. Of. Air.-Y , Breath. Of. Air.- :(((
I think that master ball caught one of my internal organs- Primal

I'd love to make a picture of Gla-Gla standing over three girls, dead and on fire, saying "That'll teach you to mess with my girl.". I would use that as my Grav. XD -giru, I'm scared

Wait...... MagEARNA THE MACARENA- kyogre

A conga line of derpy Haus, some zombie spider Haus swimming through the ground, a dabbing Mew, derpy Pika in a UFO flailing her arms, and Gladion juggling flamethrowers that burn stuff down. While Thriller plays.- Giru, at least there isn't any murder this time


Soviet Piplup....-Kyogre

I loved it when pikachu was fat as frick-pk

(Epic atg sacraficing Panera bread to PrimalKyogre nosies”-Primal

Oh boy mewderator caught us eating squigglys-Primal

9/3/20 Mewderator said something on chat, I can be here without saying anything you know ;)

All toodles reminds me of is High School Musical. *shudder*- stateside

Yeah. She ate jimmy’s electric chair romantically -Primal

No dude you buffoon -Snivy

That's probably the same fly who stood on a pizza and touched my Gladion card! DIE, FOUL DEMON!-Giru

Cool (playfully bashed Nova and Glazio on their backs with a hammer)-Pk, that escalated quickly

(screams at fictional christian kids)- Giru

(dabs)-Giru, perish

Coffee sucks so hard.-Giru

“No offense”-the thing everyone says before they are about to offend overly sensitive people -Primal, very true.

*saws off ATG's typical glance with leaf tail now he's just A* - Y

its that one where the husband shoved his kids into the oil tanks-Y


Atg has an atypical sized brain :/- Y

Jirachi is hot garbage-x, well u still said im hot so...-jirachi

we are all just brains wearing flesh suits- ACCA

Everyone’s a hot dude except people who are not hot dudes-Y,  Y's first postulate

I doubt Iron Man lost his pony and needed a minor to help him-Giru

There were a dozen Pikachus shocking my legs and nibbling on them- TheHappening

Today, instead of underwear, I covered my crotch with Potato salad- -, w h a t

 either that or I'm JUST cupioromantic which is just aro with extra steps-Anon

optimism is the worst trait these mortals have….. -Primal

beastmaster looking kinda thicc today- Misfortune, congratulations this will be immortalized

Yes Brain Crystal :sunglasses:-Primal

BUT I WANT AN 8 INCH BMMMMM-Primal, haha no context for you

Personally I think I'd rather pay a visit to Uwao, Gau's dried meat shop.-Giru

So be careful that you don't get one he's chewed on. Check for teeth marks.-Giru

I blunt force fangirl over feral boys.-Giru

Tee Hee is trademarked by Michael Jackson-Assault

summons nb mountain-Y, sooo, a mountain?

ty has a stab kink confirmed?-Y

Taboo Beanie is the 5th Tapu-Pk

i know a demonic barbie doll myself, she however likes to rip locks open with her teeth-Y

Has anyone seen joe in chat recently?-Tesseract
Who is joe-PK
Joe mama-Tesseract, wow, just wow

Meh whatever i’m too high on caffine to really care-MM

If olive oil comes from olives, then where does baby oil come from?-Bm, there was a second one but no, just no

How about i rip your skin off-Atg

Never say such blasphemy again or i shall revoke your spinal privileges-x

I will kill you with my massive thunder thigs-Primal

This is a sad day for mankind, then-X

step aside tinder here comes PokemonDB-Me
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Congrats on reaching the bottom of this, reward yourself with some garlic bread.

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Gimme my Garlic Bread rq! >:)
Aug 19 by Aaaaaaaaa
Hi, just a reminder that you have until Wednesday to play J in the tournament
Jul 11 by PsyKlone
You available to battle anytime soon?
Jul 6 by Iridacea
Hey you still need to battle Kyogre for the tournament.
Jul 5 by PsyKlone
Jun 29 by Iridacea
I really don't do anything so I can probably work around your schedule. As for SPECIFIC times probably 3-6pm every day this week?
Jun 28 by Iridacea
Hello! Put ch5 up, i  really hope i did allthe right pronouns theres one place where flora says “i was told Rowan was a “he” but she  doesn’t  Actually call them a “he”
Jun 25 by Astrid Sol
I should check my messages more often during tournaments

Still available?
Jun 23 by Stephwheel8
I can battle whenever you are ready today, just wall me
Jun 23 by Stephwheel8
Alright, that sounds good!
Jun 22 by Stephwheel8