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I am thinking of adding Swampert to my team, but with it I would have all physical attackers except for the Crimson King. As such, I have to think of replacing a Pokemon to add in a Special Attacker. Seeing as every Pokemon except Charizard and Snorlax fit my powerful Tyranitar strategy (and Charizard always stays on my team) I have decided that to add in Swampert, I should replace Snorlax. Should I replce my Snorlax? Or is adding in Swampert and a new Pokemon not worth getting rid of Snorlax and Milotic? My Snorlax has great HP, Sp. Def, and Attack. It has the moves: Double-Edge, Crunch, Res-talk.

Note: Current team is Charizard, Milotic, Snorlax, Tyranitar, Metagross, Gachomp.

Here are som replacements I have been thinking of if I am going to replace Snorlax:


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No legendaries and explin your answer.
By the way, if anybody wants to know, I use Charizard as my lead. It is not as powerful later on when I send out Tyranitar, plus it won't be getting hit by Stealth Rock because of the switching rule I always enforce (I don't always enforce my entry hazard rule.)
FYI you should ask this a the RMT.
no need to replace him just get him some better moves BUT i think u should replace one of ur pokemon with    
jolteon(ur team has water weakness)

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Hmmmmmmmm, A Grass or Electric Type is needed, I think, and, as you want special, yes, get rid of Snorlax. Here Are A Couple good Options, and I'll Narrow I Down.

Exeggutor: It Has The Highest Base Special Attack of all Grass Types, and Can Be An Exeggent(get it, oh, forget it, I mean excellent) Trick Roomer. With Powerful Attacks, It Can be a great pokemon.

Roserade: I Call This The Grass Version Of Milotic, as Its base stats are alot like milotics. Therefore, this would be giving you a powerful grass version of milotic.

Sceptile: Fits Your Style Perfect, Hit hard and Fast, plus its the balanced grass type you need.

Cacturne: Good Attack and Special Attack, and could be good with trick room, just as Exeggutor.

Magnezone: Its Strong, and Special, As You Want, with good movesets. It Has Good Defense too, for setting things up such as Magnet Rise.

Ampharos: Strong Special Attacker, with good Special Defense, too, plus good hp. Its Just What You Need

Jolteon/Manectric(they are basically the same): For Their Special Attacking Speed and Power, They Can Be Poweful pokemon, with pretty good movesets too:)

Narrowing it down:
Grass: Semifinals:
Exeggutor: Basically just what you need
Roserade: A Replacement for Milotic

Electric: Semifinals:
Magnezone: Powerful Electric Special Attacker, what you need
Ampharos: Another Powerful Sp. Attacker with Excellent movesets.

Finals: Roserade(Winner of The special grass types)


Magnezone(powerful with good steel combo)

Choose Who You Want But I Would Choose Roserade, as it basically means you get a stronger grass type Milotic:)

Roserade will end up holding the Big Root and know:

Weather Ball
Giga Drain
Leech Seed
Good moveset!