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It's Clear to me that inorder for Snorlax to have Zen Headbutt it needs to be done through an Egg Move, However which is the Pokemon that will pass Zen Headbutt?!


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From what I can gather you get Snorlax with Zen Headbutt from the Move Tutor in BW2.
You just need to then transfer him over to X or Y via Pokebank.

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Snorlax cannot learn zen headbutt as a egg move.
To get a Snorlax with Zen Headbutt, You must do the following:


A game card for Pokemon BW2
Beaten the game
Have acess to trade with Yancy/Curtis


1.Trade with Yancy/ Curtis for an Munchlax
2. Evolve Munchlax by Happiness
3. Teach Snorlax Zen Headbutt from the Move tutor in Lentimas Town
4. Use Poketransfer

Munchlax is unobtainable in XY without Poketransefer, GTS, or Breeding

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Actually, you can catch the one on the route with the Day Care, if it's been defeated beat Pokémon League again. Level 15, though...
blazo it is possible to get a munchlax through breeding just breed a ditto with a snorlax holding a full insence and the baby will be a munchlax only post things in an answer when your POSSITIVE u know the answer
i already said that