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I have a physical set Snorlax with the moves: Heavy Slam

                                                                                                   and Yawn, which I plan to replace.
    I don't have any normal moves, but I was hoping to provide him with moves of different types , and I want Seed-Bomb as the only Grass type move I have is on my Raichu(Grass-Knot), and it could help against Pokemon such as Tyranitar and Rhyperior.

However, Zen-Headbutt could protect him from Fighting types, though with his fairly low speed he could end up being KO'd anyways. Any other advice is fine, and thanks in advance. :)

Earthquake is already good enough against rock types. I'd go with curse.
Do you have any psychic types or moves on your team? Other from the Zen head-butt.
I'll suggest a snorlax moves set for you:
Snorlax @ Leftovers
Nature: Adamant / Brave
Ability: Thick fat
Evs: 252 attack / 128 hp / 128 sp.defence
-Double edge
-Earthquake / Gyro ball
I honesty don't like heavy slam the power for it can fluctuate and sometimes not work in your favour. Curse is your defence booster and gyro ball power upper make snorlax a bit more bulky. Double edge gives raw power and healed of with leftovers. crunch is for those pesky ghosts.
I have a Greninja with Extrasensory, but thats all. Nice moveset, and thanks alot. Still not completley sure, but I'll definitley consider.

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Neither, in my opinion. Instead, you should use Ice Punch.

Earthquake, Ice Punch, and Crunch are all really good coverage moves when combined. You'll never be stuck in a situation where you have to use a not very effective move with the three of them together. Zen Headbutt and Seed Bomb's coverage is okay, but Ice Punch is so much better.

Genius! Thank you, I definitely see why Ice Punch is better. I'll just let Charizard and Greninja's Extrasensory take care of Fighting Types. :)
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Out of the two, I prefer Zen Headbutt for Coverage for fighting types. My Snorlax Has Crunch, Return, Rest, and Belly drum.