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Hatched loads of eggs and I think this one may have a nature that I should keep, and what EVs should I try to get for is, I will be giving it the whole macho brace from level one treatment so I don't want to be wasting my time.



Plus if you could suggest a good lace to EV train with him that would be good.

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Jolly is the best nature for him as it boosts his speed without lowering any useful stats.
evs: 4 hp 252 attack 252 speed
Close Combat/Brick Break(STAB)
Stone Edge(Coverage)
Return/Bulk Up(Filler)
Route 1(Attack)
Wellspring Cave(Speed)

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Have it know Return if you choose Close Combat
Nice. I agree with speedfreak and say that jolly nature is best.  two thumbs up for this answer!!
I don't agree with the use of Earthquake. It has very little additional coverage when used with a Fighting type attack.