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I want to EV train my Lopunny in Attack. I was thinking of giving her the Macho Brace and turning on the exp share, then letting my other Pokemon battle Shuppet hordes as I couldn't be bothered to mega evolve every time I wanted to battle. How much EV would this award my Lopunny per Horde, if any.
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5 attack evs for only exp share
10 attack evs for macho brace and exp share, or just pokerus and exp share
20 attack evs for macho brace, exp share, and pokerus, or just exp share and power item
50 attack evs for power item, exp share and pokerus

As long as a Pokemon gets exp the Pokemon gains evs. If you are training for attack evs I recommend going to Sky Pillar and face ariados hordes, because they give 2 attack evs instead of 1 for shuppet

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By doing what you say, your Lopunny would gain 10 EVs (without Pokerus) or 20 EVs (with Pokerus). EXP Share gives the benefiting Pokemon (Lopunny) EVs as if it were fighting them itself. So it would gain 5 EVs at first, which would then be doubled by Macho Brace (and again if with Pokerus).

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