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Which Pokemon is better?

Salamence is more of a raw powerhouse, but Dragonite is a very versatile that can fit into a lot more types of teams, like Rain.

Also, Multiscale Drangonite is typically more effective due to its bulk.
In which format?
1v1 format.
Dragonite would be good because unless desperate, Dragonite won't go up against an ice or fairy type.  It can wall things enough to KO them and has great type coverage.

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Salamence's BST is 600 and its stats are 095 in HP, 135 in Attack, 080 in both Defense and Special Defense, 110 in Special Attack, and 100 in Speed.

Dragonite's BST is the same as Salamence's and its stats are 091 in HP, 134 in Attack, 095 in Defense, 100 in both Special Attack and Special Defense, and 080 in Speed.


Salamence can learn Normal-, Fire-, Electric-, Flying-, Psychic-, Dragon-, and Dark-type moves through level-up. It can learn Normal-, Fire-, Fighting-, Ground-, Flying-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dragon-, Dark-, and Steel-type moves as TMs. It can also learn Normal-, Fire-, Water-, and Dragon-type moves as egg-moves.

Dragonite can learn Normal-, Fire-, Water-, Electric-, Flying-, and Dragon-type moves through level-up. It can learn Normal-, Fire-, Water-, Electric-, Ice-, Fighting-, Ground-, Flying-, Rock-, Dragon, Dark-, and Steel-type moves as TMs. It can also learn Normal-, Water-, Dragon-, and Steel-type moves as egg-moves.


Both of these two Pseudo-Legendaries are Dragon/Flying-types: which makes them immune to Ground; resistant to Fire(1/2), Water(1/2), Grass(1/4), Fighting(1/2), and Bug(1/2); and weak to Ice(4x), Rock(2x), Dragon(2x), and Fairy(2x).

By stats, they both have the same BST of 600. Salamence has a higher HP stat, Attack stat, Special Attack stat, and Speed stat than Dragonite does. Dragonite has a higher Defense stat and Special Defense stat than Salamence does.

By moves, Salamence can learn 7 different type of moves through level-up compared to Dragonite's six. Dragonite can learn 12 different types of moves as TMs compared to Salamence's ten. Both can learn 4 different types of moves as egg moves.

By typing, they are equal to each other.

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I know nothing on competitive play. But, I know which Pokémon is better in terms of typing, stats, and the number of different types in can learn from either TM or level-up.
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1v1 is full of strategies that depend on one-shotting the opponent, so Dragonite's multiscale and extreme speed make it almost completely outclass Salamence in 1v1. Dragonite is better.

It asks for a comparison between the two, not if they're outclassed.
I agree that is 1v1 it is better, but is can sometimes depend on what type of team you have.
I am comparing the two. I said that Dragonite gets multiscale and extreme speed, and that no other comparisons are relevant because multiscale and extreme speed are enough to make Dragonite better in almost all situations.