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I have a special sweeper salamence here:
I have dragon pulse for STAB, but is Draco Meteor better?

If it’s suicide like you say it is, Draco meteor
I would go for Draco Meteor, as it’s stronger. But I am no competitive expert, so chances are I’m being stupid.

And because suicide and stuff
I would run Dragon Pulse because Salamence gets easily chipped by Rocks and as such, shouldn't switch out that often.
Plus Mega Salamence isn't too frail like for a suicidal lead and if it has Intimidate too. Also many sets run Roost, meaning it's not so frail for a suicide

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I would recommend Draco Meteor. Your set has "suicidal" in the description, meaning you don't expect it to last long. If that's the case, why not have a nuke you can use to potentially deal with one of your foes before going down? The Special Attack drop doesn't matter too much, as you'll either faint or switch out. Dragon Pulse works, but the lesser power can bring you short of a few KOs.

Hope I helped!

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Oh. Oops. It says “suicidal” because it was supposed to be naive nature. Should probably change that. Draco Meteor still works tho. Thank you!
You're welcome!