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Draco meteor does alot of damage but harsly lowers Sp.Atk but dragon energy deals alot of damage but does little on low health which one should I choose


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I would suggest running both on a Choice Scarf set. Dragon Energy is an early game sweeping tool, and Draco Meteor can be used mid-late game once Regidrago has taken enough damage.

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Usually, people run Outrage, however, if you really want to, use Draco Meteor. Since when you KO a mon with Regidrago, they would probably bring in a counter, and since you used Draco Meteor, you're getting out of there. HOWEVER. I strongly advise that you go physical. Physical is like a million times better because of Dragon Dance. However, if you really want to use special, run Draco Meteor as it's probably not going to outspeed, and big damage will probably be dealt to it as it has horrible bulk (other than hp)

By running outrage I mean physical moves
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Well, I'm assuming that this is in game, and it all depends on the Pokemon you want to teach it to, if it's a Dragon type with Tanky stats, high Def, high Hp, then choose Draco Energy, if it has really high SP ATk and low health, chose Draco Meteor. In conclusion, I would chose Dragon Energy, because OF THE extremely high Hp Regidrago has.

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