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I'm preparing a dual screens pivot set for Dragapult as follows:

Light Screen
Dragon Darts / Draco Meteor

I'm stuck between Darts and Meteor. The objective is to deal as much consistently high damage as possible and I don't know which move hits harder. I understand this depends on the target's def/spdef stats but I'd like to know on average, which hits harder? Dragapult's atk may be higher, but Meteor has higher power.

What's the appeal of Dragapult in that role to begin with?
Hi Fizz, I believe a dual screens set is one of the most effective ways to run Dragapult because of its speed and surprise factor. Making it a pivot with U-Turn would give it a bit more purpose to support team-mates. Anyway, I believe your question is irrelevant to what I am asking. I simply want a strong damaging tool for when Dragapult isn't about to switch out.
Screens dragapult, while uncommon, is used in vgc assuing this is doubles. I'd say dragon darts, because it can break sub. This means you don't need to run infiltrator, and can instead run cursed body to disable otherwise dangerous attacks.
I asked you the question because your intentions for using Dragapult might sway the answer you get. If you used it because it matches better against a particular threat to your team, then you might choose one move over the other because it does more damage against that Pokemon.
I won't worry about that if 'surprise factor' is what you're going for, though.

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Dragon Darts. You can break through subs, hitting twice is always good, and Dragapult has amazing Attack. Like RobloxianSceptile pointed out, you can disable moves with Cursed Body instead of running Infiltrator since Dragon Darts can break subs. If you are running U-turn, maybe Draco Meteor since you will be switching out, but personally I think Dragon Darts is a lot better.

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Draco Meteor

Draco Meteor does more damage than Dragon Darts, even though it's Sp. Attack is lower. If you want to do more Damage, so I say go for Draco Meteor.

Hope this helps!

Yeah the move tutor in circhester says that it is the strongest dragon type move.
That’s not true though, as both roar of time and eternabeam are stronger. And I know this is irrelevant to the question.
Yes, those moves are more powerful, but only one Pokemon can learn them (excluding Smeargle). So technically, it is the most powerful dragon type move, that all dragon types can learn.
While Draco Meteor is a good option for Dragapult because it can run as either special or physical, this answer suggests it for the wrong reasons. It's strong, sure, but sheer power amounts aren't going to argue why it's effective.

I'll remove the downvote but it shouldn't be a +1 either.