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Which Pokemon is better competitively?
Formats: 1v1 and 2v2 Double Battles
(Please do not include Mega Salamence or Mega Garchomp in your answer.)

I can tell you right now that Garchomp is better in 1v1 because it gets STAB from earthquake and an amazing coverage move in stone edge. Salamence might be better in 2v2 doubles, but statistics for that will probably take a few more weeks to compile. I can answer once those few weeks are up.
There is no "better" until you tell us the rest of your team and even then it is still subjective to a point. If you're building around them choose whichever you want because they are both viable.
In a few cases, Pokemon's "viabilities" can still be compared based on how easy they are to fit on different kinds of teams and how likely they can support the team. Viability rankings are probably the most heated discussions on Smogon Forums, so ranking species without much context is definitely possible.
Viable does not mean better though. Garchomp is obviously more viable than Salamence for multiple reasons but will still be outperformed by Salamence in certain team builds.
That is true, so I guess it depends on the empoleon person's definition of "better".

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To start let's look at these Pokemon's typings. Garchomp is a dragon and ground type Pokemon, leaving it weak to dragon and fairy type attacks with a major 4 x weakness to ice type attacks. This typing also comes with an immunity to electric type attacks. Salamence is a dragon and flying type Pokemon with a weakness to dragon, fairy, Rock and a 4 x weakness to ice type attacks. Along with this typing on comes with a immunity to ground type attacks. So, the winner for typing is garchomp because even though it has a 4 x weakness to ice type attacks, Salamence also has that major ice weakness along with an added weakness to rock type attacks.

Next let's look at these Pokemon's stats. Salamance:
HP: 95
Attack: 135
Defense: 80
Special Attack: 110
Special Defense: 80
Speed: 100
Total: 600

HP: 108
Attack: 130
Defense: 95
Special Attack: 80
Special Defense: 85
Speed: 102
Total: 600
If I were to choose I would get the slight edge of stats to Salamance because Salamence just has more mixed attack capabilities. It can hold special and physical moves to its moveset set and can abuse very high base power moves such as Dragon Rush, double-edge, Hyper Beam, earthquake, and fire blast.

Finally we are on to the movesets. Both of these Pokemon have enough attacked power to do a lot of damage to teams. They have the stats to back up almost any move and type coverage that they have at their disposal. So let's look at Garchomp. Garchomp's best moves by level up our Dragon Rush, Dragon claw, and Crunch. It's best moves via TM or move tutor include Drago Meteor, Hyper Beam, brick break, flamethrower, fire blast, aerial Ace, shadow claw, Giga Impact, Stone Edge, Swords Dance, rockslide, Poison Jab, Surf, and finally protect. Garchomp's speed and attack stats allow it to move first and hit hard with a variety of type coverage and STAB. It has enough power lit to one hit KO almost any fairy type Pokemon with poison Jab and and cam usually KO most other Pokemon with either earthquake,Dragon Rush or Giga Impact. Now Salamence. Salamence best moves by level up include crunch, Dragon claw, Zen headbutt, flamethrower, and double edge and by Evolution, fly. Salamance's best TM moves or move tutor moves are Draco meteor, Hyper Beam, protect, Roost, earthquake, brick break, flamethrower, fire blast, aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Shadow claw, Giga impact, Stone Edge, and Rockslide. With the ability to use a variety of mixed attacking moves, Salamance can hit hard both special and physical wise. So, in move pools, I would give the edge to Salamence. It just has more type coverage and can hit hard both attacking ways.

After all of that information the Pokemon that you should use is the one, the only Garchomp and here is why. Salamence, don't get me wrong, is amazing because of its mixed attack stats and its great move pool but I just have to give the edge to garchomp because of its lack of the rock type weakness and the fact that it has a very high attack, speed, and HP stats, meaning that I can take a hit and hit hard on the attack. I did not want to cover egg moves or abilities because those are kind of a hassle to deal with. Both have pretty good abilities, rough skin and intimidate. So, if you could just get rough skin on Garchomp that would be the best ability for it. I didn't cover items either because it all is up to you on what you want to use these two Pokemon for but honestly I would put a life orb on Garchomp and make it a fast physical sweeper.

So my choice for Salamence over Garchomp is Garchomp in both listed formats.

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Definitely Garchomp. His speed and attack is great along with it's movepool. Slap on a life orb give it moves like dragon claw, earthquake flamethrower for ice types and poison jab for the fairies. Most people would agree with me. He is the best pseudo legendary, no question.

I’m just commenting on your move set - I would have dual chop instead of dragon claw, as they both have the same power, but dual chop can take down Pokémon with sturdy as well. Also, if you move tutor Iron Head to Garchomp, it has the same power as Poison Jab, and is super effective against fairies and ice types.