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So I'm not gonna waste space putting up planned movesets and stuff. All I need is a comparison (pros and cons Pwwease) so I know which one to have.

Because I have Bagon Goomy and Gible and have no idea what to choose I might go for Garchomp, I don't like Shelgon much and I don't like Sliggo at ALL.

But then I dont really mind I just need which is better and if it helps here is my team...

Umbreon <3
Mega Charizard Y

It was gonna be Yvetal but I'll see how good these 3 dragons are. Plus I need a tank.

So, Hope You Can Help! =]

(Goodra would be a tag but it's not there)

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- Very high special defense
- Extensive movepool
- Sap Sipper gives it a useful immunity

- Offensive stats and speed are sub-par to it's competition
- Fairly frail physically


- High attack stat
- Nice overall defenses
- Ground typing gives it a very powerful Earthquake
- Decent speed

- Low special attack
- Dragon/Ground makes it 4x weak to ice


- Fantastic mixed attacking stats
- Decent speed
- Secondary Flying typing gives it a strong Fly
- Intimidate helps it tank hits better
- Access to Roost

- Flying type makes it 4x weak to Ice and 2x weak to rock
- Lowest overall defenses of the bunch

So, now to deciding which one to use. I would rule out Goodra, as it has good defenses, but offense is the key in-game, and it's offenses are not up to par with Garchomp and Salamence's.

From here, both are good decisions, so I'm not gonna tell you which one to use. Use whatever one you want! Salamence is my personal pick, being able to abuse physical moves like Dragon Claw and Steel Wing while also being able to fire off powerful special moves like Fire Blast. But if you want to use Garchomp, give it a go!

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add dragon dance to salamence pros
Yup that's great! Thanks
Just what I needed as well a vey good answer with comparisons! *Upvotes and BAs answer*
Id would also mention that bagon can be obtained early in game than the other 2
I know I said I had caught them all
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I think it will be better to use garchomp, since sligoo is very hard to evolve into goodra. Both garchomp and salamence (and goodra) have the same stats but I think druddigon is better because he doesn't have that x4 weekness against electric type, and because garchomp can mega-evolve. This one can only be found from 8 - 9 PM. You'll find this mega stone near a small tower loward the latter end of Victory Road. The tower is behind a wall that must be destroyed by Rock Smash. (source: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/163342/whats-the-location-of-all-mega-stones)

Plus, very many Pokemon can learn thunderbolt.

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enter image description here

Despite the picture, I would recommend Salamence.
It has a plethora of awesome moves, a killer 135 Atk stat and a decent 115 SpAtk stat giving it the ability to run mixed sets, and Intimidate/Moxie, some of the best abilities in the game.
Sample Sets:

Salamence @ Assault Vest
Ability: Moxie
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Nature: Adamant (^Atk vSpAtk)
Dragon Claw
Fire Fang
Steel Wing

I love Assault Vest Salamence. It boosts its SpDef up to 120, and this set provides coverage against all of its weaknesses (score!) with Fire Fang for Ice, Steel Wing for Fairy and Earthquake for Rock. You don't even need D-Dance when Moxie boosts shatters your Attack stat through the roof.

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Nice moveset, I'll use that
E-Quake > Bulldoze.
Forgot it learned E-Quake :P
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I would say Goodra, because it has a monstrous 150 Sp. Def, which can tank a hit or two from Fairy types, which are mostly special than physical, and hit them back with a Sludge Wave.