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Sup all, I need a little help)
I can't choose between these four dragon-types Pokemon in Pokemon X. Help me. please, to choose.
I already have in my team Togekiss, Volcarona & Metagross.
Thanks for your future answers ^^

I would definitely not go for Hydreigon with it's 4x  weakness to Fairy, but that's about as much help as I'll be.
I'd probably go with Haxorus for an in game team, cause he has the highest attack stat of a non-legendary. and only has a 2x weakness to fairy.
Competitively speaking, Garchomp and Salamence are the best imo, and both have their strengths and weaknesses, so no one is better than the other.
Hydreigon <3

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Hydreigon is unfavorable with his 4x weakness to fairy. It's a tough choice between the other 3. Salamence has the most well rounded offensive stats, garchomp has the best coverage for fairies out of the group (poison jab), and Haxorus can destroy things with his high attack. So it comes down to this: do you want coverage for fairies, or do you want a slightly more potent offensive force. I would choose Garchomp because though his offensive stats aren't as good, he's still really powerful and he can use poison jab to check fairies while Haxorus has nothing really while salamence has the pathetic Steel wing, but the other Pokemon are still good.

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First of all, Hydreigon has a 4x weakness to fairy while Salamance and Garchomp has a 4x weakness to ICE. Salamance gets iron tail I think, and Hydreigon gets flash cannon. Haxorous gets posion jab too. Please read up!
He mentioned Hydreigon's 4x weakness to fairies, and he didn't mention a 4x weakness for rest at all. Salamence with Iron Tail is unreleased since it is a Gen 5 tutor move.