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Both are powerful dragon-types. But Haxorus has amazing Dragon Dance potential as well as insane attack. Hydregion has a powerful duel-type and great Sp.Attack.

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They aren't comparable,one of them is a Physical attacker and the other is a special/mixed attacker.
I think which is better is solely based on your team and your opinion so I don't think that we can come to conclusion about which pokemon is better.

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  • have lesser HP and defence than hydreigon
  • have a ZOMG-freaking-sky-high attack
  • have a smaller moveset and a lack of fire-type move
  • has mold breaker or rivalry both are decent ability to have

verdict - He is a capable sweeper if paired with a choice band or is able to drop a dragon dance

if I were to use him I will go with

jolly speed/attack ev

-dragon dance
-brick break

as for hydreigon

-fairly bulky

-have four weaknesses
-a decent movepool
-a sky-high sp.atk

Hydreigon is quite a potential special or mixed sweeper

my movesets would be

-dragon pulse
-focus blast
-dark pulse

in my personal opinion I would go with haxorus because I love physical pokemon.

ZOMG=Zombies Oh My God
"[has] a Zombies Oh My God freaking-sky-high attack"?
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I have both, and this is my opinion.
Hydreigon, he can take a hit and do some pretty sweet special sweeping ( not the best, but not bad )

Haxorus, Whoa, this guy has some beastie attack.
148?? thats awesome! But he can't take a hit worth crap.
If he's out sped, he's dead.

I personally used Hydreigon to solo the pokemon league, ( so I might have a little bit of an attachment ( Yeah, I beat the pokemon league with one pokemon on my first try )

Both are good, It just depends on your style

Hope this helped a little

on that not, so long as you ev train both are ok:)
but haxorus is better:)
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Hydreigon all the way.
lt has an AWESOME dual type, and has Levitate giving it an immunity to ground moves.

Haxorus can Dragon Dance all he wants, it's whether or not it can survive and take a few hits before it even gets to attack.
(lt's not super bulky!)
At least Hydreigon is fairly bulky.
Hydreigon doesn't even have that bad of Sp. Attack when compared to Haxorus' Attack, with close base Speed.
lt can also use it's high Sp. Attack to take advantage of Draco Meteor!

well, haxorus could always wear a focus sash:)
after on dragon dance it'll be faster then hydriegon:)
Why are you so attached to Haxorus? (I'm looking at bobathon, not Sam Sam Sam Sam) Even if Haxorus had a focus sash and used Dragon Dance, he won't always be faster on the first try. Hydreigon's speed is higher than Haxorus's. No offense, but Haxorus would have to be a higher level (by a lot) to pwn Hydreigon.
Haha looks like Unbreakable has never witnessed a well trained Haxorus at work in his party. 1 Dragon Dance is all it takes to out-speed a Hydreigon that isn't scarfed, even if both Pokemon are fully maxed out in speed EV's and IV's
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They both look awesome but Hydregion looks cooler than Haxorus. Haxorus can't take much damage before dying but Hydregion can (cause he's awesome). Hydregion for the win!

*rage* whats with people and saying that hydreigon has better defence?!
they are both sweepers!
if you are so concerned get a focus sash
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... Uh...

Just my opinion here, but if you play your cards right while levelling, then Haxorus can retain his godly attack while have a decent amount of defence. Also, I tend to swap him in against anything that isn't dragon or ice, just call me paranoid.

So anyway, I gave mine a quick claw. This way, he might hit first every now and then. This, along with his swords dance makes him unstoppable.

Honestly, at level 64, EV training a good hydraigon is hard, because the first 2 evolutions, well, like all dragons, ARE WEAK AS. so honestly, in my opinion, HAXORUS.

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I would definitely go with Haxorus.
First of all he has crazy attack power.
He will destroy you with outrage.
He will (at the right lvl) annihilate anyone (except ghost types) with guillotine.
And if you train him right he will have good defense.
one more thing, unless your willing to train a Siamese twin deino or something to lvl 64 than you should totally go with haxorus.

do you mean ev train in defence?

if so, thats not smart. as haxorus is a sweeper.

if you want defence then get a wall pokemon!

for eg a shuckle.
Trust me, training a Zweilous to Lv. 64 is totally worth it. I've trained both a Hydeigon and a Haxorus, and Hydreigon is that much better.
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Hydreigon takes down 2 elite fours but since he is a duel type (dark/dragon) he is weak to the fighting elite four Marshall.But when Haxorus is hit by a fighting type move it is 1x and Hydreigon is 2x