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Both are electric type. Galvantula has great speed but Eelekreoss is a mixed tank.


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High speed and good Sp.Atk, this guy is set for sweeping. It has two great STAB, Bug and Electric giving it huge coverage. It has compound eyes for an ability raising accuracy of moves by 30%. This is most useful for the mighty Thunder giving it a 91% accuracy! It doesn't stop here, it has a great moveset outside its STAB attacks including Energy Ball, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch and so on. Unfortunately, thats all. His miniscule defenses
give him no support during sweeping so he is susceptible to priority and almost any STAB move. Typing wise, he has many glaring weaknesses that hinder him even more. Although he is frail, he makes up for it using his great speed and sp.attack.
A special fellow with no weakness due it its ability, Levitate. It has good stats all around bar speed making it a bulky physical or special or even mixed attacker. It has a pretty good moveset including a vast special one. It also has access to Coil, making it's physical side that much better. It also has some good resistances like ground and other electric types to make up for its slow speed. OHKOing it is pretty hard although a good strong STAB and status will wear it down easily. Eelektross is good all round except for its sluggish speed.

In short:
Galvantula = Frail, high Speed and good Sp.Attack
Eelektross = Bulky, physical attacker, and slow

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