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So I got a shiny Galvantula, and I don’t know should I train it in my ultra moon playthrough,and this Galvantula can use sticky web, bug buzz, thunder wave and discharge,with a modest nature and ability is compound eyes.(P.S. My team only Vikavolt can use sticky web)

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Please also give a moveset if this Galvantula is worth, and thanks for whoever helps me :)

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Well, since it’s in game, Sticky Web usually isn’t a great option. If you can train EVs via SOS chain or whatever, then that would be great, though it doesn’t really matter. I would use Galvantula and get rid of Vikavolt, for the simple reason that they share a typing and Galvantula is fast. Really, speed and power are usually preferred over more power and bulk but bad speed. Here’s the set I would use for in game (note that I’ll put EVs, but they are completely unnecessary):

Galvantula @ Electrium Z
Ability: Compound Eyes
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Bug Buzz
- Energy Ball
- Thunder
- Hidden Power [Fighting] / Hidden Power [Ice]

I recommend checking in with the Hidden Power person in the daycare before teaching it Hidden Power. If you can’t get HP Ice/Fighting, I suggest Volt Switch in Hidden Power’s place. Electrium Z turns Thunder into a 185 BP move. The EVs, again, are unnecessary. Bug Buzz you already have. Energy Ball is a TM in Lush Jungle. Thunder can be purchased for 30,000 Pokedollars at the Seafolk Village Pokemart (if you’re not that far into the game yet, Thunderbolt is a TM in Sandy Cave, which you can use until Thunder is obtainable). Hidden Power is a TM that you obtain from the Nursery, where you can also check HP type. Volt Switch is from Mount Hokulani.

So, in conclusion, I would train up Galvantula and get rid of Vikavolt.

Hope this helps! :)

PS: the tags are confusing me.... in game and competitive? So I thats also why I did a competitively viable set....

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If you're using this in competitive then yes, Galvantula is worth it. You did say you are talking a Playthrough so I won't go into competitive. Anyways,Sticky Web, Bug Buzz, Thunder(bolt) and Energy Ball/ Giga Drain. If you have compund eyes,Thunder becomes a very spammable move with almost perfect accuracy. Even if you don't, thunderbolt or discharge is more than enough. Galvantula was very helpful in Black and White and it seems good in Sun and Moon as well. The only problem is that Vikavolt and Galvantula are almost the same except for speed mostly. So if you want one on the team you should probably only use one of them. I would say Galvantula since it is faster which means Sticky Web can be set up faster. If you want Vikavolt and Galvantula than go for it, but just remember to keep some partners to cover their weaknesses like a water type for Fire and Rock.

Movepool please?
he put: "Sticky Web, Bug Buzz, Thunder(bolt) and Energy Ball/ Giga Drain" in the answer.