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If yanmega, which ability? Tinted lens or Speed boost?

What's the rest of your team?
I think Galvantula is generally better because it has less weaknesses. Galvantula's best ability is definitely compound eyes, and Yanmega's best ability is definitely speed boost.
i just need a good bug type for my team
The best bug Pokemon for your team depends on the rest of the team.
I'm assuming this is a competitive team because of the ask for an ability, but could you be clear whether this is in-game or competitive?

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Yanmega: Yanmega's stats are pretty good, with 76 base Attack, 86 base Defense, 116 base Special Attack, and 95 base Speed. Yanmega is a nice heavy hitter when it comes to Special Attacking. It also does have a pretty decent Speed stat and it gets access to Speed Boost which makes it even faster. Yanmega's stat total is 515.

Galvantula: Galvantula is very fast with 108 base Speed. Its Attacking stats are pretty good, but not the best. Its Defenses aren't very good either with 60 in Defense and Special Defense. Its stat total is 472

So, who would be better? Well, Galvantula is fast but his Defenses are not very good, and Attacking stats are ok, but not the best. Yanmega hits very hard with that great Special Attack stat, and even though Galvantula has a bit higher speed, if you can stall with Yanmega and keep getting speed boost to activate, it can easily outrun things. So overall, I would recommend Yanmega!

I hope this helped!

Yanmega has too many weaknesses and can't learn sticky web. It's a lower tier than Galvantula for a reason.