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I know it learns bug buzz eventually, but I wanted a more useful attack a bit earlier in the game... So I'm training a Venonat to learn signal beam (lvl 35) and then I will breed it with my female Yanma. But I'm starting to think it would be easier to just train the Yanma a lot till it gets bug buzz, as I'm probably going to replace it anyway... On the other hand, I have to wait till lvl 57 before it learns bug buzz, and it goes really slow to train it since it has really useless moves before it evolves (and then still for a while). And I already wasted my TM U-turn for Scyther, who I decided not to use anyway. I don't really like U-turn so much anyway.

What do you think is a good moveset for Yanma? I'm not thinking when it is on lvl 60, but earlier in the game.
Super annoying that it doesn't learn fly, then I need a second flying type too... But Yanmega is still a cool pokemon! Is Togekiss a nice option for a second flying pokemon?

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Well, I'm gonna try my best to help you and your Yanma.

To determine whether its a waste of time or not depends upon the use you want Yanma to have.
If you just want to have it for fun and an occasional battle than this is what I would do:

1.) For good moves, pick out a few and then find a pokemon that learns these moves. Instead of Venonat, use a Volbeat. Teach it: Signal Beam and Double Edge.
2.) Take it to the Pokemon Daycare.
3.) Breed it with your female Yanma and get an egg (or 2, or 3, or however many you want)
4.) Hatch it and give it an exp.Share, and train in a hard spot with a high lv. Pokemon
5. It should level up fairly quick and learn Bug Buzz.

Togekiss will work for a Flying-Type pokemon.

So, hears what I would do for a moveset:
Yanma @ Choice Specs
Modest Nature
Speed Boost
+298 Spe, -110 Sp.Def

Giga Drain (To get HP back)
Bug Buzz (The whole Reason)
Air Slash (Coverage)
Onimous Wind (Coverage)


I hoped this helped and answered your question!

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Thanks (Abnormal1)!