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I'm tying to utilize speed boost best to baton pass/U-turn in with a slower Pokemon such as Scizor or Escavalier. So my question is- Will Yanmega or Yanma last longer? Yanmega for more HP or Yanma with an Eviolite for more Special Defense?

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Yanmega and Yanma both fail at this strategy, Yanmega is used for pure Offense, and Yanma just sucks, even with Eviolite. Ninjask is best suited for this role, as that's all it is used for. By the way, U-Turn does not transfer boosts like Baton Pass would. But if you had to choose between those two, Yanmega is truely superior, Yanma has bad bulk even with Eviolite.

Oh I did not know U-Turn did not transfer stat changes, thank you