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I want a special attack flying pokemon but I can't decide
I'm on Heartgold


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You receive togepi early in the game and when fully evolved has a good movepool and good spatk as well as can have scence grace that is fun to use.
Unfortunally its not got great speed for a flying pokemon and isnt the easyest to evolve.

Im not sure if you can find it in the game but if you can trade one it is also fun to use with speed boost.
It has a decent movepool and gets a bug stab as well as been easy to evolve as it evolves at lv 33 when learning ancient power.
But one big downside is that it cant learn fly.

So for the reason it cant learn fly is the reason i would go with togekiss.
I hope this helps make your descision.

You can find yanma in the route before the national park i found one there but traded it for rhyperior