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What is the better ability for an in-game Yanmega?

Speed Boost OR Tinted Lens?

Could you clarify what game this team is in as well as what the rest of your team is?  I'd like to know what is bests for your team, and although I believe Speed Boost is the better ability it won't be of too much use if the rest of your team contains blazing fast Pokemon.  I prefer a balance.
It's not for a specific game. It's just what do you think would be a better ability for in-game.

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As it's in game, as long as your levelled up enough you're probably gonna out speed 80-90% of the Pokemon in game.. So not much use having speed boost, whereas that extra power that tinted lens gives might actually prove to be useful.. A 2HKO instead of a 3HKO, saves you an extra turn which means you also take damage only from one turn instead of 2 from opposing Pokemon.
So you could keep using your stab move like a normal effective move than using a non-stab move with normal effectiveness... Stab move's 1.5x boost will be better than a non stab move.

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Competitively, for wifi battles and such speed boost is much better tho
Thank you.
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That really depends on your team. Overall, I believe that Speed Boost is the better ability but if you already have loads of fast Pokemon, Tinted Lens might be better. So, to sum it up;

Get Speed Boost, Unless, you have several other fast Pokemon.