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About me: I have been on this site since 2013 but back then, I wasn't any good at Pokemon or had enough knowledge to answer questions so I quit temporarily. Now I'm back with more knowledge than ever and a will to help people with Pokemon! My main goal on this site is to become at least an expert!

<><><><><><><><>GAMES I'VE PLAYED<><><><><><><><><><>

~Red (The nostalgia is strong on this one! One of the games that really challenged me) I 9/10
~Silver (I don't know about this one. IMO, pretty mediocre. I prefer the remake) I 7/10
~FireRed (I think I prefer the original one. Still a good game though.) I 8/10
~Ruby (A good game. I really like Hoenn. I still prefer the successor) I 8/10
~Emerald (I don't know, I liked this one more than Ruby.) I 8.5/10
~Diamond & Pearl (Great games in my favorite region. The Pokemon were cool and I loved how the region looked.) I 9/10
~Platinum (First Pokemon game I played. Favorite region, awesome game and the nostalgia...) I 10/10
~White (I really liked this region. The Pokemon were awesome as well and I really liked Team Plasma.) I 8.5/10
~White 2 (This game was awesome. It truly felt like an upgrade to the last game. In my top 5 easily!) I 9.5/10
~Y (The new 3D was cool and the region introduced some bad-ass Pokemon. #Aegislash. The games was too easy though. Didn't even have any problems with my Wedlocke.) I 9/10
~ α Sapphire (The improvements were good and the Delta story was cool but I wont give this any better score than Emerald I 8.5/10
~PMD: Gates of infinity (I love the PMD franchise but this was kind of a disappointment, They took away many good mechanics from the previous game.) I 7.5/10
PMD: Explorers of Time (I love everything about this game! Best game ever!) I 11/10


I started this Schoolchoicelocke 2015-06-11 just for fun. I haven't done this before but I did a Wedlocke on Platinum and it really took every skill I had so I decided to relax with some Schoolchoicelocke (I came up with the idea myself). The rules are following;

~Each Pokemon that is defeated is "dead" and cannot be used anymore.
~You must nickname every Pokemon
~You MUST have a party of 12 Pokemon that you rotate every now and then. Keep them about the same level! This is a crucial part of the challenge as it makes it much harder. You can of course not do it but you should do it if you want to play legit!
~You can catch as many Pokemon as you like but only one of each species. When you have caught 6 random Pokemon, you present them to the class and tell them to vote for the one that they like the most. The one that gets the most votes is invited to your party while the other five are "discarded" and cannot be used anymore. Then you catch 6 new Pokemon. This will help your Pokedex as well as add a new type of challenge. Your friends may choose a Bidoof after all. This also means that you only can play while being at school or while being with people from the class.

1. Grotle (Terraex) Lv.18 Tackle I Absorb I Razor Leaf I Curse
2. Staravia (Striker) Lv.18 Tackle I Quick Attack I Wing Attack I Double Team

                       Coal Badge         (Complete)
                       Forest Badge     (Yet To Accomplish)
                       Relic Badge        (Yet To Accomplish)
                       Cobble Badge   (Yet To Accomplish)
                       Fen Badge           (Yet To Accomplish)
                       Mine Badge        (Yet To Accomplish)
                       Icicle Badge        (Yet To Accomplish)
                       Beacon Badge   (Yet To Accomplish)

<><><><><><>PLANNED FUTURE 'LOCKES<><><><><><><>

This is another original idea of mine. As soon as you get a status condition, you aren't allowed to take it away. If you have a status condition, you cannot heal at Pokemon centers as they will take away the status condition. You will have to rely on loads of potions. You also aren't allowed to have anything from stopping the status conditions such as Safeguard. There are certain exceptions  such as when travelling with a partner because that partner will heal your Pokemon automatically.  I plan to do this on my White.
MONOLOCKE: The mono-type Nuzlocke. I want to do this on my SoulSilver.
SOLOLOCKE: Only one Pokemon! You can switch Pokemon anytime you want but no legendaries.  I will do this on Platinum because I want to see if I actually can win against Cynthia with only one Pokemon.

I will update further when I get time!

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